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aowbvaewihb viear goiw ejga

Amazing day yesterday. Random trip to NYC with my friends to see West Side Story? WIN. That show makes me cry. Every. Time. WHY, CHINO, WHY?! It made me appreciate what I have even more. Happy 6 months. :)

F school. Final in a week and I've barely started the Reading Period work. I'm going to have so much to do. And, once again, I'm on LJ instead of doing what I need to do. Love my life.

Dear eyes,
Please stay open long enough to read somethinganything for finals. I know you got home at 4:30 this morning, but you got 8 hours of sleep. You should be fine. WAKE UP.

Existence makes me so tired right now. I'm stressed and hungry, but too tired to care. I have to do SOMETHING to get ready for finals (or, you know, existing in a space outside my bedroom), but I really don't wanna. So guess what's not going to be happening?

Dear Harvard,